Audience: Youth (middle school students, high school students, elementary school students)

*Time: 45 minutes

Too many people give up on their hopes, dreams and goals because someone deterred them from even trying. Too many fears are passed on to others without even knowing it.

Mike will take you on an emotional journey as he tells you stories of his life growing up in the inner city, how he used to play jokes on his friends, and how he has learned to use his biggest fears and failures to improve not only his life, but also the lives of others.

Mike has the ability to capture an audience with laughter, build trust and then nail down an important life lesson with ease.

Topics covered in GET BETTER NOT BITTER include, but are not limited to…

  • being a positive influence
  • making smart choices
  • leadership
  • personal responsibility
  • practical solutions for bullying



Audience: Elementary school students entering middle school (ideal speech for an Elementary Graduation Ceremony)

*Time: 45 minutes

Leaving the familiarity of elementary school and going to middle school is one of the most exciting and scary times of a young person’s life. In this presentation Mike shares how to embrace and be ready for change not only at this pivotal point in life, but for the rest of their lives.

Other topics covered:

  • embracing change
  • the importance of being prepared
  • remaining humble & thankful through successes
  • being a positive role model
  • a special nod to parents and educators who have helped them (they love this)



Audience: Educators and Parents

*Time: 45 minutes

The biggest barrier between teens and adults is communication. At times there is a lack of communication and the rest of the time it’s communicated the wrong way. In this presentation Mike shares how to break down the barriers so parents and teachers can help teens and show teens how to help themselves.

  • how to get through to any teen
  • the 3 common mistakes to avoid


*times are flexible if needed


Mike T. Smith speaking to 600 middle school students

Mike T. Smith speaking to 600 middle school students