book for teens

They say the teenage years would’ve been easier with an instruction manual, and now it’s finally here.

A motivational/self-help book for teens that teens will actually read. Sure you can make them read the first few pages of any book, but they’ll keep reading this one because they want to. It’s not preachy and it’s informative, empowering and funny all at the same time. Who doesn’t like that combo?

O.W.N. I.T. The Teen’s Cheat Codes to Life is divided into three sections:

  1. YOU

Real life lessons on self-esteem, bullying, improving relationships with parents, friends, and even how to nail the job interview, and so much more. It’s all here. If this book were any cooler you’d have to go to outer space to get it, but lucky for you all you have to do is follow the link on the bottom and it comes to you. It’s like magic.

The author will even autograph it if you want. Just request it at checkout. Fair warning though, his handwriting is horrible.

What the people are saying…

“Fantastic!! A necessity for teens and young adults alike! Nothing at all like the cheesy, traditional self-help books that we’ve all become so accustomed to these days !! BUY THIS BOOK !!! U will not be sorry ;)” -Jessica

“A look at what teenagers and young adults face in life and how to handle those situations, good and bad, when they happen. Mike uses humor, compassion and his own experiences to help young people cope with day to day problems that they face. I would recommend this book to anyone who is facing bullying, drugs, relationships, job hunting and the problems that we all will face at one time in our life. I loved this book. It has already helped me with some problems that I was having. Parents, buy this book for your child. You won’t be disappointed and neither will they.” -Jennie

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