about Mike

pin Mike is a professional speaker, and the author of The Teen’s Cheat Codes to Life. He developed The Positive Parent Challenge to help stressed parents refocus and refresh on the things that matter.

Mike grew up in a high crime neighborhood in inner city Memphis, TN. Despite being surrounded by drug dealers, gangs, and the pressures every young person faces daily Mike always felt there was a better way than to repeat the cycle of a life that goes nowhere and has no purpose.

As a youth Mike had horrible self esteem issues that stayed with him into his mid twenties.

In 2007 Mike joined a public speaking group hoping it would help him with his low self-esteem,  even though some said he was wasting his time. It helped a great deal as he instantly started winning awards for his speeches and became recognizable for his style of delivery and his ability to connect with any audience.

In less than 7 months he was speaking in front of hundreds of strangers and had people standing in line waiting to meet him.

“It was crazy, that night one lady told me that she wishes she was born with the speaking talent I was. Wow! If she only knew. It was at that moment I realized that anything is achievable. You don’t have to live by your limitations of the past. Since then I’ve made it my mission to help and inspire others to become greater versions of themselves.” says Mike.

Mike believes every person has a purpose and is capable of doing amazing things. The problem is most people don’t know how to get started. All people need is someone to believe in them and show them how to get started in order to achieve the life everyone dreams of having.

Mike has spoken to several thousand teens live, been interviewed on radio programs across the country and interviewed on live TV.

Mike currently resides in Bartlett, TN with his wife Kristie and their 4 sons.

He’s an avid bike rider and stays in shape with P90X3 and playing ultimate frisbee.